Wednesday, 11 February 2015


I know everybody feels stressed at one point in their lives.Stress because of school.Stress because the boy you like  is going to be at an event that you're going through.Stress related to body issues.Stress related to family issues.Honestly I could just go on,there's an endless list.The stress I'm currently going through is related to school.The reason being O-Levels.At the end of Form 5 students(I'm from Malta) have to do get passes in 6 O-Levels.I'm taking 10 O-Level exams.I'm not necessarily stressed about passing because I usually get good grades but still the fear of not passing is still there.Since 6 O-Levels are needed to get into 6th Form.I'm even stressing because of the fact that we have to choose 2 A-Level subjects and 3 Intermediate subjects.I'm not good at making decisions.I have literally been thinking about the subjects I will pursue, for about a year and a half and I haven't even taken the Annual exams(the mock examations of O-Levels).I think I'm scared of the future and at the sametime I want to fast forward throught all of it:6th Form and University.I am driving myself nuts.I need to calm down and stop being anxious and just let everything be and just focus on my main priority:homework and studying for exams and O-Levels.I should live in the moment.I have been searching on the internet and I found some pretty great tips on reducing stress,any type of stress.

1.Take power naps.
When you're stressed you become mentally tired.So it is important to nap so our brain can refresh and we can concentrate more on the assignments and other things we have to do.

Wind down.Drink a cup of tea.

Watch Lost.Argue with your friends on the fact that Delena is end game.Watch Ellen.Read a good book.Go bike riding or hiking.
Go out with friends.Listen to some 
music.Go shopping.
(with a few money.You don't wanna be broke bu the time you're home.)
I know..I know exercise sucks.But it is very beneficial.When I say exercise I don't mean going to the gym and lifting weights.I mean simple exercises like stretching,yoga,dancing to your favourite music or just going out for a walk/run or jog.This gives you an adrenaline rush and you can't imagine how healthier and stronger you feel after this.All the stress will evaporate along with the sweat πŸ˜‰.
I hope this post helped you in some way.Comment if you have other tips and if you attempted one/two or all of these tips.
Good Luck 
Lara 😊 xx

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