Saturday, 21 February 2015


So yeah procrastination. It least once in your life.Then there are those people that procrastinate everyday.Like me.It can become addictive.When I come home from school something just guides me to my television and the remote magically searches for either Sherlock,The Vampire Diaries,The Flash,Lost or Breaking Bad.Its a disease which I can't control.Even though I know that I have exams and I need to do my homework but how can I go do my homework when there are so many Johnlock moments.And if it's not television shows it's YouTube. Oh YouTube you hate me so.I mean Troye Sivan,Zoella,JacksGap,Casper Lee,ThatcherJoe,Sprinkle of Glitter,kaileemckenzie,Jim Chapman,Tyler Oakley and the most important youtubers (who are ruining my life) Dan and Phil. How can I choose between Physics and Dan and Phil? I mean it's a no-brainer.And it's not just school it's everything.I'm trying to change that.
So I made a list of things I wanted to accomplish in 2015:

Hopefully I will be checking things off the list.
-Lara xx


  1. Haha okay Mat your wish is my command :P

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  3. nice post

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  5. Hi dear
    Great post, making list is a nice help to do things
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